Fay Slift interviewed by Cameron Crookston

Photo by David Hawe


On August 14, 2018, I interviewed John Paul Kane who performs under the drag name Faye Slift (pronounced Face Lift). In this document I refer to John Paul as John Paul rather than Fay Slift, and use he/him pronouns, because much of this interview touched on his personal history and life outside of drag.  


JP Kane is a Toronto based performer, educator and story teller. Spending his days teaching Kindergarten and weekends cultivating community by creating safe and inclusive spaces for queer and gender variant kids and their families.  His alter ego, Fay Slift has been entertaining the masses for nearly 12 years, captivating audiences at a vast array of festivals and cultural institutions. Her goal is to entertain and empower all kids, no matter their age, by celebrating the things that make each one of them unique and amazing.