Exploring archival research, performance practice, and oral history in the study of the Performance in Canada. 

This site is just in the process of revision, to serve as intro home of Gatherings: Archival and Oral Histories of Performance. In the meantime, take a look at our mandate.


This site showcases the research and theatrical projects created by Professor Stephen Johnson, his past and present students, and colleagues based at the University of Toronto's Centre for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies. Primarily dedicated to historical research in theatre and popular performance in Britain and North America during the long nineteenth century, here you'll find a Virtual Museum interpreting documents and artifacts in depth, links to the SSHRC-sponsored databases that aim to share these documents with other researchers, and information about modern-day theatrical presentations created by Stephen and his colleagues on the basis of historical research.

Please note that, as of February 2016, this active site is a work in progress with information being continuously updated.


Oral Histories gallery

Documents interviews with theatre artists in discussion with researchers.


Learn about the project organizing team, contributors, and consultants.

Museum Gallery

See documents and artifacts of historical theatre and performance.

Models & related projects

Including 'Canada West' and 'The JUBA Project'


PErformance Practice

Learn about theatre events hosted by our contributors.

canada west database

A database of performance culture in southern Ontario.