Stewarttown Town Hall


Address: Concession VII, Lot 16

"The first meeting of Esquesing Township was held at the home of Joseph Standish on New Year’s Day, 1821. A Town clerk, assessor, collector, wardens and pathmasters were elected. The annual meetings were held in various homes until 1830, when they moved south on Trafalgar Road to “Long Tom’s” Inn on Lot 14. Taverns were the venue of choice thereafter. In 1849, a public meeting was held to consider building a Town Hall as a

permanent office for the Township. A strong delegation from Georgetown wanted the Hall built there. Some private entrepreneurs had already started building the “Town Hall” in Stewarttown but they were left holding the mortgage. Although the farmers resisted the bid for control no new facility was approved. The Township officers decided to rent premises across the road from the Town Clerk, Richard Tracey. This situation persisted until another vote was held in 1925. The Township of Esquesing purchased the “Town Hall” across the street, built 75 years previously." (pp.2)

"Esquesing Historical Society Newsletter." Esquesing Historical Society. Vol. 30 No. 3, September-October 2005, pp. 1-10.



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Georgetown Little Theatre


Town Hall, Stewarttown, Halton (haltstew00_001)