This part of the website, and of our project, highlights the artistic practice of all those who are involved in the project—Co-Investigators, Contributors and Research Assistants. Artistic practice is an important part of the work of the researcher, whether it is an imagined re-construction of past performance, an exploration of the effect of historical technology and acting style on audiences, experiments in dance and movement techniques, radical re-interpretations of past performance, attempts to re-create documentary evidence—to name only a few. We are only just beginning to create this part of the site, and have invited all those involved in the project to contribute materials that make combine artistic practice and their research.

As an introduction, see the following:

Gatherings: The Chapbook, a regular publication highlighting the relationship between the creative work of the scholar-artist.

An exploration of violence in the late 19th century theatre, through a staged excerpt from Sardou’s La Tosca. From Co-Investigator Justin Blum.

An exploration of the performance of the ‘medium’ in 19th century and contemporary spiritualism, from Principal Investigator Stephen Johnson. See also for further examples of his work with artistic practice.