Gatherings Chapbook

We’re pleased to announce a new series of publications called Gatherings, a Chapbook series co-edited by Stephen Johnson and Jenn Cole and printed by Jackson’s Creek Press in Peterborough, Ontario.

Information on the two issues we have now published can be found online here. As you will see, our mandate is to publish short works that, in some measure and by some means, emerge from individual research through creative expression.

If this seems like an odd request--it is. Our belief is that it shouldn't be...and that is the impetus behind this publication.

We invite works of poetry, prose, diagrammatic playfulness of any kind, or drawing, performance traces, painting, photography, digital manipulations, and other works of art that we might be able to reproduce in a small volume.

As you read this, you may be asking a few questions--more than a few. If so, read the accompanying 'Manifesto'--that's right, we have a manifesto--and consider our goals. If you have comments, we would be very interested in hearing them. This is a work in progress. We hope it always will be.

Read our Call for Submissions.

For all inquiries, and to order copies of Gatherings, issues 1 and 2, email us at

We Look forward to your creative submissions!

Stephen Johnson and Jenn Cole, Co-Editors